Future Activities



African Development Enterprise will serve as a forum for discussion, debate and dialogue about all African issues, problems and needs. It will also provide forum for conflict resolution on myriad of conflicts in Africa.


Our initial objective in the area of poverty alleviation is to eliminate children poverty through school breakfast and lunch program. Eliminate poverty for the elderly through Meals on Wheel program initiatives.


We will focus on African issues intelligently and intellectually along with our Institutional partners. We will welcome intellectual and academic papers and research about Africa, collate opinions and institute academic research about and for Africa.  African Development Enterprise and our institutional partners will award distinguished intellectuals who write about African issues and concerns.


ADE will work with other Africans and other institutions on African issues with United States government and its other institutions, Congressional Black Caucus and European Parliament as well as United Nations and its other institutions and government of African countries and other institutions.


ADE will issue Annual Reports on African Development and Change issues, problems and Actors. The Annual Reports will chronicle ADE achievements, challenges and setbacks. The Annual Reports will include new objectives for the following reporting year.


It will report on different African countries progress report, performances of their different governments and activities of foreign governments in Africa. It will include assessment of all international organizations in Africa.


ADE will hold annual award nights in the United States highlighting the contribution of institutions, governments and individuals in the preceding year to the overall goals and development of the continent and ADE and give variety of award which will include awards such as Outstanding African Citizens, Outstanding Friends of Africa and Most outstanding Citizen of the World Award.

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